maya site     moderate - challenging

Journey through mountains and pine forest, across the Guacamallo (gua-ka-maa-yo) River and into dense jungle. Caracol is the largest Mayan ruin in Belize and believed to be one of the largest in Central America. Discovered in the 1930’s by a log hunter, it was not explored until the 1950’s when Linton Satherwaite of the University of Pennsylvania began to uncover its splendor. Due to difficult accessibility, excavations were delayed until 1985, when Drs. Arlen and Diane Chase of Central Florida University took on the challenging task. At over 145 feet high, Caana (sky palace) towers above the rainforest. Caracol is famous for conquering the megalopolis Tikal when Tikal was at its peak. After exploring the main area of Caracol, drive to Rio Frio, Rio On or Big Rock Falls and take a refreshing dip.

Tour departs: 7 am, full day tour

Drive time: 2.5 hours each way

What to wear/bring: Shorts, t-shirt, hiking shoes or good sandals, hat, swim suit, beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, repellent, US or BZ dollars for petty cash.

Not included: entry fees, lunch

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