Black Rock Lodge is off-the-grid, meaning there is no power available from the electrical utility. Since 1989, Black Rock Lodge has been producing electricity with clean energy, through both solar and hydro power. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to operate all of Black Rock Lodge with electricity generated by non-polluting, renewable resources.


For the first decade, electricity was exclusively generated by an array of solar panels. The system was small, and electricity use at the lodge was very limited.

In April of 1999, a hydropower system was completed to compliment the electricity generated by solar power. This hydroelectricity works by capturing water from a natural spring located approximately 600 feet above the lodge. Some of the spring water is piped down the mountain, gathering pressure due to gravitational forces, and then spinning a small turbine which converts this water pressure into electricity.


Electricity from both the solar (about 10% of supply) and hydro (about 90% of supply) sources is stored in a large battery bank, and that power is inverted to 120 volts AC and sent to our cabins and buildings. The power created by our alternative energy system is the same as that used in any American home.


Although this system is extremely effective, we still must conserve power at Black Rock Lodge as it is in limited supply. Through constant monitoring of our energy system, we eliminate power use when it is not necessary.


Please help us conserve power by not using power hungry appliances, and by remembering to turn off provided fans and lights before leaving your cabin.


We are, of course, very happy to give any of our guests a tour of the energy system upon request.

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