Driving Directions From The International Airport:

  • Leaving from the International Airport by car, follow signs to ORANGE WALK/COROZAL/MEXICO (left hand turn out of the airport entrance)
  • Travel about 3 miles, at the police checkpoint make a left turn
  • You will come to a round-a-bout (after about 12 miles)
  • Take the 1st right-hand exit off the round-a-bout, onto the Western Highway
  • Continue on the Western Highway to Belmopan (about 50 minutes)
  • Pass the turn off to Belmopan (on your left) and continue driving until you reach the outskirts of San Ignacio (about another 35 minutes past Belmopan).


Entering/Getting Through San Ignacio:


  • Routes through San Ignacio are "one way" – in order to head west through the town, across the Macal River, you must follow the signs to the Low Lying Bridge. As you approach San Ignacio, you will be directed to the Low Lying Bridge. All traffic heading West is directed this way by a sign marked "Diversion" at the fork in the road, directly in front of the green and white Social Security Building. There is no other option for drivers.
  • After taking the right fork at the Social Security building, you will come to a "T" – the Roomba Room sign will be directly in front of you.
  • Make a left turn at the "T" (Roomba Room sign)
  • Continue to follow the signs to the Low Lying Bridge. You will make a right hand turn down a steep hill and the river will be in front of you – you will then see the Low Lying Bridge.
  • Cross over the Bridge
  • Make your first left turn past the Market area (you will see farmer's produce stalls on your left), following the ball-field fence. The fence has advertisements for local businesses all along it. You can't miss it.
  • You will now be heading to the town "center".
  • You will come to the intersection in the middle of town (again, can't miss it), head across the intersection and a little to the left, up a small hill and past the Post Office on the right hand side of the road. The Belize bank will be on your left. You want to follow the road that goes between the Bank and the Post Office (Hudson Road). It is not "straight" across the intersection so I make sure to find those landmarks.
  • At the top of the hill (about 100 yards) make your first left turn onto King Street.
  • Ahead of you, you will see the Iron Bridge crossing back over the River, and the large District Commissioner's building before the bridge on the right-hand corner.
  • Turn right up the hill (in front of the District Commissioner's building) onto Buena Vista Road. This hill is very steep.
  • As a landmark – you will pass the San Ignacio Hotel, on your left, at the top of the hill
  • You are now out of San Ignacio!


  • Follow this road (a.k.a. Western Highway - west) for about 4.7 miles
  • Our "Black Rock River Lodge" sign will be on the right hand side of the road and will point you to make a left turn onto our dirt/gravel road.
  • Follow the road for about ¾ mile, at your first right hand turn – follow the signs to Black Rock Lodge
  • Continue on this road for about 6 more miles – do not turn off this road (!) You will travel through hills, valleys, orange groves and finally the rainforest.
  • Black Rock is at the very end of this road – keep going until you reach us. Our welcome sign will be your indication that you've made it.
  • Pull into the parking lot, come down to the Lodge to join us for a cool drink as we welcome you.

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