Organic Farming

Our restaurant serves delicious meals that are created with many fruits and vegetables grown organically throughout the Lodge property.


Everyday, our farm staff harvests whatever is in season and our kitchen incorporates these fresh ingredients into daily recipes.

Hundreds of fruit trees and many exotic tropical hardwood trees exist on the grounds of the Lodge. We have over 100 Banana and Plantain trees, several varieties of Mango trees, an orchard of Orange and Lime trees, a grove of Coconut Palms, as well as Tamarind trees, Chico Sapote trees, Breadfruit trees, Jackfruit trees, Passion Fruit trees, Avocado trees, Jaboticaba trees, Barbados Cherry trees, and Papaya trees. In addition, we also grow Sugar Cane, cultivate a small Coffee plantation, and harvest from our Gooseberry bushes and over three hundred Pineapple plants. Plus, so much more...

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