We are very fortunate to have a virtually unlimited supply of fresh drinking water provided by the same mountain spring that helps to power the Lodge. It is a privilege to have access to this resource, but it does not mean it should be abused. We take steps to reduce the use of water at the Lodge by installing low-flo shower heads and low-flush toilets for guests and staff, reducing water consumption for dish washing and Lodge laundry, and we encourage guests to conserve even more water from their faucets and showers.

Any water we use, both guests and staff, must be treated in our sewage systems. All waste water at the Lodge is connected to a system of septics and leach fields which treat the waste appropriately and prevent contamination of the soil and underwater aquifer. In 2007 we completed construction of our first “constructed wetland” for even further treatment of waste water. This system, similar to an enclosed water garden, begins after the waste water has passed through the septic system. The “wetland” uses the natural cleaning agents of plants and aerobic bacteria to more completely clean the water. The effluent from the wetland is clean enough to be used for irrigation of landscaped areas. Our first “wetland” system was installed in the staff area and new systems for the rest of the lodge are planned to be built soon.


Our wetlands emerge as natural habitats for a vasy variety of amphibia, snakes and is visited and explored during your night hike.

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